Oodles of noodles

theo went on a three-week trip through Japan, soaking up its unique brand of beauty and culture. As it so happens, Japan has inspiration to offer on every street corner and in the most mundane of things…

Enter the countless small food bars offering a quick bite to passers-by. On the menu? Noodles in every taste, shape and size…along with the ubiquitous chopsticks. In Japan noodles really are everywhere. Oodles of them.

And yes, it's true. Using chopsticks takes a bit of practice, but once you've got the hang of it, the noodles really do taste better! It can be a true source of inspiration. The way in which chopsticks are used to keep the slithery soul food under control is the perfect starting point for a true Nippon-oriented collection.

The Noodle collection’s core concept is simple: rigid bars control fluent noodle shapes and combine into a frame that is as satisfying as the soul food it was inspired by. And yes, we know the lenses stick out above the frames. But then again, we never claimed our mastery of chopsticks was perfect, right?!

As base material, we opted for stainless steel: strong yet flexible. The frames have been chemically etched and the corners are laser-cut for an extra delicate effect.

This collection is
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