Outlines and the rise of the glass shape

Let's go back to the beginning for a moment. Most designers who create eyewear start from their own inspiration and create a frame shape that expresses what they want to get across. The lenses that are necessary for the functionality of the glasses are often an afterthought. They are forced to passively work in the service of whatever the frame shape allows. But at theo we see things a little differently. Time for some provocation and intrigue by James Van Vossel, our firebrand agitator.

‘No glasses without glass’. For his latest line ‘Outlines’, James is taking the radical and revolutionary step of starting with the shape of the lens, allowing it to determine the further design of the glasses. He extends the existing vocabulary of the lenses and allows them to continue into the frame. In a natural way, the frame is then shaped and moulded around it as an outline, as a shadow image around the essence - the glass; thus creating an original tension between the frame and the shadow image. A new age, a new vision. The 5 models are available in 8 theo colours.

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theo + James
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