"the theo is strong with this one"

MAS Antwerp celebrates its five-year anniversary with Luc Tuymans & theo

Must-see expo: Glasses by Luc Tuymans (& a small contribution by theo ;-))

Looking for a great place to visit on your next holiday? Why not book a citytrip to theo’s hometown of Antwerp! The MAS Museum (Museum Aan de Stroom) is celebrating its five-year anniversary in a big way. Until 18 September, it is hosting a unique Luc Tuymans exhibition entitled Glasses. The show presents portraits of ‘nameless people’ and historic figures, all of whom are depicted wearing glasses. And if there’s going to be an art exhibit in Antwerp about glasses, of course theo had to be involved! That's why theo contributed the interactive part of the exhibit. Go, explore and play!
More info: www.mas.be/en/activity/luc-tuymans-glasses


Copyright pictures: Frederik Beyens