"the theo is strong with this one"

Job vacancy: theo ambassador JAPAN

Region: Japan

Sector: eyewear - design and distribution

Type of contract: indefinite period

Experience: minimum 5 years

linguistic skills: Japanese and English

Company description

theo eyewear is a family business with roots in Antwerp, Belgium and seeds all over the world. Our story started almost 30 years ago when 2 crazy opticians pursued their dream to make frames for their own shops. Not long after an international crowd of likeminded opticians joined and started carrying the brand in their shops. Today there are 1200 optical boutiques that represent our collection. This means nowadays fans from all continents can get their favourite frames at an optical shop close to home. The world has become our playground. theo is fun, innovative and creative. Since the beginning our mission is to put a smile on our customers’ faces. We like happy people. That’s why we swear by our slogan ‘theo loves you'.

Function description

theo started to distribute its frames to the most high-end optical stores all over the world. Contacts were made on international tradeshows around the world or locally by a theo ambassador. You continue the story by being the link between the local shop in Japan and the Antwerp headquarter. Your job doesn’t stop after showing our collection to our existing customer base. On the contrary, more important is the constant support you’ll offer our customers. Together with our commercial responsible at the theo headquarters you’ll try your very best to be the best partner on earth to grow your customers’ businesses.

Your new habitat covers the biggest part of Japan. Twice and more a year our clients are looking forward to get a visit from their favourite theo ambassador, you. Besides that, you’ll also take care of the communication between our clients and the headquarter.

Together with your other colleagues/friends/ambassadors you’ll represent theo at leading optical exhibitions. At these moments you get the chance to change experiences and to talk with your colleagues of the headquarters. We’ll be honest, there will be a lot of moments you’ll spend in your car, but never forget: there’s a whole team of strong men and women behind you!

Showing off with a quick increase of sales will not impress us, that’s not our style. Much more important are your relations and partnerships in the long term. We can’t tell it enough: we’re not looking for another salesman. We are looking for a consultant, an advisor who can build a strong partnership with our clients and who’s able to find a way to make their business grow. 


  • You see the world through rose-coloured glasses and you like a good laugh. Your relationship with your clients is super important. When you’re reading this, you’re already looking forward to meet them in person.

  • You love theo! You can’t hide your passion for our brand. You get the feeling you already know us for years.
  • “Hard selling” doesn’t please you. The idea of a nice collaboration with your clients, where you have one common goal, sounds better to you!

  • You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and to help your clients the best you can.

  • Naturally you’re a social animal. You can get along with people in every situation. You can express yourself in English and Japanese.

  • If you not become a theo ambassador, there are only two professions left for you: explorer or astronaut. It’s your ‘way of living’ to discover, to cherish and to conquer.

  • You have a soft spot for fashion and design.



We offer you a dream territory that theo discovered and shaped for many years. You’ll have the greatest optical stores of Japan in your portfolio. They’re happy they can work with us and this love is mutual. After all, it’s a pleasure to have our collections in their collection. For most of our clients you’ll be the ambassador of their favourite brand. The day you’ll visit them, is a hot topic in their agendas. At last, working for theo means: you fall asleep and get up with that wonderful idea you’re working for the most authentic, self-willing and unique brand in the optical world.  



Please send us your curriculum and motivation letter 

contact theo eyewear (attn. Mik Somers)

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