"the theo is strong with this one"

theo’s Mother’s Day rescue kit!

"If you follow our advice, you’ll see sparkles in her eyes."
(theo wisdom, but trust us, it’s universal)

Your mother is waiting to release the rebel inside her... why not help her with one of our sunglasses!


Model Osvaldo, Rebel collection, theo + Tim Van Steenbergen 


If your mother is still the badass queen of the block, then she can definitely do with some 24 karat gold.

//assets.theo.be/files/3915/original/PICT-1_mHR (1).jpg?1493932386

Model Picture 1, Limited Edition Pictures collection, theo + Tim Van Steenbergen (also very pretty from the back!)


Does your mother like to read books? The Kamasutra collection is perfect for her.

//assets.theo.be/files/3910/original/magic mountain.jpg?1493931618

Model Magic Mountain, Kamasutra collection


Having fun is your mother's middle name? Go for a theo + James.


Model Pleat, theo + James


Does your mother already have many many glasses to choose from? The theo Rock'n Roll is here to the rescue! Now she can take a selection with her wherever she goes. 


The Rock'n Roll is available in 3 colours.

Good luck!