"the theo is strong with this one"

Mr. Bean, sewing machines & fashion

We love working with students from the renowned Fashion Academy of Antwerp. It’s so fascinating to see what their vision is on eyewear. And above all, they design without boundaries. They don’t know the technical specifications of glasses. And that’s what makes it interesting for us. We have to translate their design into something wearable. Or at least, wearable for one night. Their big night: the graduation show of the Antwerp Fashion Academy.


For this year's graduation show theo created eyewear together with Woojic Jo, an amazing designer and illustrator. He mixed two inspirations for his final collection: “What would happen if Mr. Bean was a tailor?“

He has been a huge fan of Mr. Bean ever since he was young. Mr. Bean drove around in a typical Mini Cooper, hence the chrome on the glasses. Oh yes, Woojic loves a humorous touch in his work. So we treated the lenses as if they were windshields and the wiper swept away the dirt.

At the same time, Woojic is really into classic-cut English styles. So he also created glasses from sewing machine parts. It turned out to be an impressive collection. But see for yourself! 

Special thanks to Onghena Opticiens for their help in creating these glasses!