"the theo is strong with this one"

Our girl in Tel Aviv

Netta goes Gay Pride with theo and Toy

The Gay Pride has become one of the biggest events of the year in Tel Aviv with the city’s gay community coming out in force to ensure that they, and the many visitors who come from overseas have a great time.  

Israel's own Netta Barzilai - the winner of this year's Eurovision Contest - will be there to perform and help firm up the city’s reputation as the Gay Capital of the Middle East. Besides Netta - who will bring her winning song Toy with a theo - musical offerings will include favourites from the Eurovision Song Contest over the years, a performance by long-time members of the LGBT community "Golden Boy," as well as a drag show and an appearance by the Israeli Arab diva Nasreen Qadri.

The parade will end in Charles Clore Park right on the boardwalk with with beach for each, lots of tan, chiseled bodies with beautiful sunglasses, music, fun and sun all around.

If you’re still planning to hop on a plane today to visit Tel Aviv for the 2018 Gay Pride, be sure to take your theos. You sure won’t be alone!