"the theo is strong with this one"

The Godfather II

The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Everyone was staring at everyone else. As was she. Then two things happened simultaneously… somebody spoke and the pupils of her eyes dilated completely making the look of disbelief all the more emphatic. At the same time tears started flowing. Unstoppable. Her hand was clutching her mouth to hide the gamut of emotions running across her face. All eyes were on her now. A turning point in her life. She was the one.

//assets.theo.be/files/4554/original/SILMO18 Zoé ISO 10.JPG?1539873727   //assets.theo.be/files/4555/original/SILMO18 Zoé ISO 01.JPG?1539931883

Yes, it was quite the emotional release for Zoé Fournier. Sunday the 30th of September will stay with her for a long time. During the formal proclamation of the results for the class of 2018 of the Institut Supérieur d’ Optique (ISO), her design was chosen as the best among all her fellow students’ efforts to create a pair of spectacles worthy of a place in theo’s eyewear line-up.


The choice was not easy. Quite a few designs were really interesting, making it a  strong field. But in the end Zoé’s design stood out because it showcased a simple, fresh idea brought to complete fruition. She shaped fairly large acetate rings that she slid in a metal frame so that the rings stand out from the frame on both sides. It makes the glasses rest on the nose bridge with the acetate rather than the metal, ensuring maximum wearing comfort without sacrificing the interesting combined acetate-metal look. Add an attractive amber/gunmetal grey colour scheme and you end up with real theo potential.

//assets.theo.be/files/4556/original/SILMO18 Zoé ISO 09.JPG?1539931909

In the near future Toon, Patrick and Zoé will fully explore that potential as they embark on a design adventure to create a complete collection that may see the light of the camera at SILMO 2019. Is there a new theo glasses famiglia on the horizon?