"the theo is strong with this one"


Paradise rebuilt (on a catwalk near you in Antwerp).

You haven’t heard? The world has suffered a devastating apocalypse (again). Everyone has disappeared except for a forgotten tribe on an isolated island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. One day they decide to start exploring beyond the confines of their island and they venture out in the world where they stumble upon the remnants of our society. Using the fragments of our civilisation they start rebuilding the world in their own image. And it includes eyewear…


That was the starting point for Vincent Thürstein’s catwalk collection “Mokushiroku” that he showed during the annual student runway presentation of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Mokushiroku means apocalypse in Japanese. And since people from a reimagined post-apocalyptic civilisation are just as prone needing eyewear as we are, Vincent knocked on our door to help him create new world glasses. Serge Bracké grabbed his water bottle, his Swiss army knife and rose to the challenge.


In his research, Vincent looked at binoculars, which bear a similarity to fishermen’s diving goggles. Also the volumes and structure of handmade Japanese fish traps and the constructivist Rodchenko photos of electricity towers. “I wanted to combine natural materials, such as horn, with metal components for the constructional elements”, says Vincent. “And Serge and I worked on the oxidation processes of the frame surface in the same way as I experimented with the fabrics of my collection.”


When the silhouettes created by Vincent walked onto the catwalk, it was automatically transformed into a reimagined and reconstructed world. The softly muted but pleasing colour palette he chose brightened the outlook of his ‘constructed’ dystopian clothes full of smart details and gave it a pleasing, reassuring glow. And the eyewear that we created added the finishing touch to his view of Mokushiroku. That new world may not be so bad…