"the theo is strong with this one"


Are you a theo ambassador at heart, but just didn’t know it yet? For its market in Italy and for its territory in Germany, Austria and Switzerland theo eyewear is looking for two Ambassadors. Do you feel it?


Region     Italy      or      Germany (plz7 - 9), Austria and Switzerland

Sector     design and distribution of optical frames and sunglasses

Type of contract     indefinite period


Experience     minimum 5 years

Education     irrelevant

linguistic skills     English and Italian or German


Company description

theo creates eyewear. We have been doing so from Belgium since 1987. Sometimes quirky, often different, but always at the vanguard of eyewear design. theo is fun, innovative, creative and loves to think out of the box. Every theo collection distinguishes itself with one of these values. Besides an irreproachable quality, theo is also known for its excellent client service. Our number one drive is to put a smile on our customers’ faces. Today, fans all over the world get their favourite frames at individual optical stores of a carefully selected group of theo opticians. 

Function description

More than 20 years ago, theo started to distribute its frames to the most high-end optical stores all over the world. That is where you come in. And your job starts but doesn’t stop with showing our frames to our theo fans. On the contrary, the constant support and advice you’ll offer our opticians is even more important. Together with your commercial counterpart at the theo headquarters, you’ll try to be the best partner on earth.

Your new habitat covers either the whole of Italy or a territory encompassing part of Germany (plz7 - 9), Austria and Switzerland. Twice a year our clients look forward to getting a visit from their favourite theo ambassador, you! In addition, you’ll also take care of the communication between our clients and our headquarters in Antwerp. And yes, you’ll spend quite some time in your car, but worry not: there’s a whole team of dedicated men and women that has your back.

Together with your other colleagues/friends/ambassadors you’ll represent theo at important optical exhibitions. At these moments you will get the opportunity to exchange experiences and catch up with your colleagues from HQ.

Showing off with a quick increase of sales will not impress us! That’s not our style. Much more important are the relations and partnerships you will shape in the long term. We can’t stress enough we’re not looking for just another salesperson... We are looking for a consultant, an advisor who can build a strong partnership with our clients and who is able to find a way to make their – and as a result our - business grow.


  • You see the world around you through rose-tinted glasses and carry a smile on your face. Your relationship with your clients is what makes you tick. Reading this, you already look forward to meeting them in person.
  • You love theo! You can’t hide your passion for the brand. You’ve got the feeling you’ve know us forever already. 
  • “Hard selling” is just no you. The idea of sharing a common goal in an enjoyable collaboration with your clients is who you are really!
  • You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and to help out your clients the best you can.
  • You have a soft spot for fashion and design
  • You can express yourself fluently in English and either Italian or German, and - naturally - you’re a social animal. You get along with most everyone in every situation.


theo offers you a dream territory cultivated by us for more than 20 years now. You will have the greatest optical stores of Italy or Germany, Austria and Switzerland in your back pocket. They are really proud to work with us and the love is deep and mutual. For most of our clients you’ll be the ambassador of their favourite brand. The day you’ll visit them is marked in red in their agendas. And last but not least, working for theo means you will fall asleep and get up in the morning happy in the knowledge that you’re working for the most authentic, quirky and unique brand in the optical world.  



Please send us your CV and cover letter clearly stating for which of the two positions you are applying.

Address it to:

theo eyewear

Attn.: Mik Somers

Arsenaalstraat 3,

2000 Antwerpen



Or at:

[email protected]