"the theo is strong with this one"

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

As partner of De Invasie, a platform supporting young designers, theo launched a second design competition!

That there’s talent in Belgium, we already knew! But creative minds deserve an extra push. That's way theo loves to challenge these young warriors.

The assignment was: design a mirror that reflects theo's sense for innovation and originality. The mirror also had to be easily assembled and disassembled. Other criteria were: light, durable and multifunctional - a hand and table mirror in one. 

And the winner is…


Ruben Deriemaeker from Antwerp! His design was satisfactory in every way. Because of the magnetic back and by putting a magnet in the base, you can mount the mirror anyway you please. theo was very impressed by the playfulness of the design. theo Big boss Wim Somers: ”The design is genius in its simplicity and beautiful from all sides. The most pure design won! This is exactly what we were looking for!"