"the theo is strong with this one"

NEW Limited edition René

Tim & René Van Steenbergen – Up close & personal

theo presents a very special collection of sunglasses. At the request of theo’s ‘big boss’ Wim Somers, designer Tim Van Steenbergen tells a personal story. The story of his grandfather René Van Steenbergen, the man he admired, who showed him how to look at and appreciate art, and who taught him to draw. These were subjects dear to the heart of René Van Steenbergen as an architect. With a penchant for expressionism and art deco, he began working in the 30s and created a whole new concept in housing construction. Later, in the 60s, he stood out for his application of modern architectural design and building materials to religious architecture. It is especially these modernist churches that inspired Tim to create a beautiful collection of sunglasses for theo. And what better title for this collection than the name of his grandfather and mentor, René.

For the latest theo by Tim Van Steenbergen collection, Tim studied the art deco inspired buildings designed by his grandfather. He became fascinated by the cascade of light through the large concrete stained-glass windows. The contrast of the heavy concrete, the glass and light attracted him at once. Tim Van Steenbergen is intrigued by the combination of geometric elements and organic forms. In architecture, it is standard practice to combine different materials, volumes and styles. In applying this approach to his glasses designs, he was helped by theo designer Serge Bracké.

René consists of 4 models, each available in 2 versions: a full black model and a black/transparent variation. Each model has geometric details in a primary colour. Three models are distinctly feminine, and one is more masculine. The metal temples are not solid but have a structure that refers to the concrete stained-glass windows.