"the theo is strong with this one"

A close shave with inkysteve

theo loves fans!

A close shave with inkysteve

theo came across this theo fan a while ago on Instagram and has been following him ever since. Inkysteve from Manchester stole our heart and we have the feeling it’s mutual. Welcome to the crazy world of inkysteve!


Hi, I'm inkysteve, a British barber working out of the famous and notorious BarberBarber uk. I head up a fantastic team within an iconic Victorian arcade in the heart of Manchester. 

I came across theo eyewear through my good friend Tareq, who owns and runs (with his expert team) Manchester's most original and forward thinking opticians "SEEN". They carry such a vast array of cool and unique styles of frames, they really have something for everyone. I currently have in my collection 4 pairs of theo's, my favourites being my round bright yellow 'Octopussy 14'. They're completely mad and get loads of comments! Hahahaha 


Eyewear is very important to me as I now that I've been educated by the wonderful team at 'SEEN'. I used to think glasses were something that was just an aid to see better, but now I use them to bring outfits together like choosing the right shoes. The eyewear I choose reflects my fashion aesthetic, I like the idea that I can fuse together old and new and not be pigeonholed into being 'vintage' or 'retro'. I think my style is unique and not for everyone but it suits my personality and when I think I have the look, it makes me feel better! I think fashion as an industry is boring and pretty safe, everyone wants to look the same as everyone else, and the idea of wearing shoes without socks??? Yuck, or jeans that look like they were painted on??? Not for me at all. I think people should be more out-there and that's why I choose theo. Be different, stand out, be yourself! I choose my clothes from various places, at the moment I'm in love with the clothing made directly in a factory in Manchester called 'Private White VC'. They use new materials to create interesting new takes on old items, and have some awesome collaborations with some of my favourite shoe companies. 

My barbershop 'BarberBarber' is leading the way in the barbering industry, we have beautiful shops and settings, and some of the UK's most talented barbers. We have created a beautiful setting where a man can come and relax, have a beer, listen to great music from our eclectic playlist and have an experience in a barber’s chair unlike anywhere else. We provide an expert haircut, hot towel shave and precision beard services all carried out to the highest standards. This is the reason we have grown from 1 to 4 shops in some of the UK's biggest cities in only 2 years. 

My golden tip for the bearded gentleman is trust your barber and never attempt the trim yourself, enjoy the experience of an expert hand! Oh, and use a beard oil to keep your skin in good condition, beards won't be in fashion for ever! 👊💈✂